5 IoT Devices That Make Pet Care a Breeze

Squeaky toys and feathers on a stick, step aside. These pet gadgets are smarter, cooler, and make caring for your pet easy-peasy.

Thanks to the ongoing trend of IoT devices (or the “Internet of Things,” a term used to describe all household objects with smart capabilities), the world of pet tech has officially arrived — and we are here for it. Here are the five coolest IoT pet devices on our radar:

1. Petcube Pet Camera

Does Fluffy get anxious when you’re away? Petcube’s goal is to solve that anxiety by allowing you to stay connected to your pet, wherever you are. With Petcube’s smart HD pet camera and two-way audio, you can use your phone to video chat with your pet while you’re out.

We love that certain Petcube models can also perform additional functions, like interactive laser pointers for play while you’re away, or automatic treat dispensers to reward Fido when he’s being a good boy.

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2. Furbo Pet Camera

The Furbo is another smart pet camera that offers most of the same benefits of the Petcube camera, with a few minor differences. If you’re looking for a pet camera that is slightly cheaper and has a chic Scandinavian vibe, pet selfies and a daily highlight reel (with a Furbo Dog Nanny subscription), then chances are you’re going to prefer the Furbo.

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3. Catit Drinking Fountain

Clean running water is good for your pet’s long-term health, and it’s fun for them too. We love this Catit drinking fountain because it is simple, quiet, and easy for cats (or small dogs) to reach. It’s a cinch to clean and holds enough water that you’ll only need to refill it about once a week. Connect your phone with the free app to get alerts when the water is low or when the filter needs to be changed. And another bonus? It’s kind of adorable.

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4. Whistle Collar

Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore are kind of like Fitbits for your furry friends. They track your pet’s activity levels, health markers, and GPS location. Whistle uses GPS, WiFi, and cell data to accurately track your pet’s location if they wander off. You can also set daily goals for your pet and track their progress in the accompanying app.

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5. Fitbark Pet Tracker

Fitbark, another pet activity tracker, is almost a one-to-one comparison to the Whistle Go. The price points of each product are similar and the features are as well. But one feature that stands out with the Fitbark is its ability to connect to your smartwatch, which makes it super convenient to check your dog’s health while you’re both on a walk. 

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With a little help from technology, you can keep your pet happy and healthy. Love IoT devices that help connect you to your furry friends? Chat with us to learn how easy it can be to support all your internet needs.

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