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It’s all about location!

Location based social media monitoring tools are the next wave of products and services that are set to dominate the social media tool landscape. The adoption of location-based social monitoring tools is gaining traction among enterprises and businesses.

Conventional vs Location Based Social Media Monitoring Tools

Location based social listening tools are different in form, function and features from conventional keyword based tools.  Conventional keyword based tools include Radian6 (Salesforce), Sysomos, Brandwatch, Sprout Social, Attensity, SocialBakers, UberVU (Hootsuite), Crimson Hexagon, etc.

While the keyword based tools do a good job providing insight into how a brand is performing at a global level, they fail miserably when it comes to understanding geo-specificity of  social conversations related to the brand.

WeLink is the best in class product when it comes to location based social network monitoring. However we’d like our customers to always be better informed and hence we put together a list of the top 10 location based social monitoring tools. We believe our competition helps evangelize the concept of location based monitoring tools in a market that is warming up to the idea and we want our customers to be better informed of the competitive landscape before they choose WeLink.

Keeping up with this spirit, here is our analysis of the best or Top 10 location based social media monitoring tools.

The Top 10 Location Based Social Media Monitoring Tools

1. WeLink

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - WeLink

WeLink is the most advanced product providing cutting edge location based social monitoring for any type of business or institution! WeLink provides an enterprise grade location based social monitoring, engagement and marketing solution. WeLink combines location based listening with keyword based monitoring to provide a hybrid solution that works for all scenarios. WeLink’s product also reflects enormous design effort gone into making sure the product is easy to understand and use. WeLink works across many verticals such as retail, hospitality, law enforcement, event management, airlines, stadiums, malls, etc.

2. Venue Labs

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - Venue Labs

Venuelabs is designed specifically for retail and restaurant brands with physical locations. They seem to have been around for a long time. Going by their claims, it looks like they were the first company to provide location-based social media monitoring products and services since 2009.


3. MomentFeed

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - MomentFeed

Momentfeed provides a platform that captures all the information and content that forms the Digital Place Identity of any given business location, giving brands the ability to connect with consumers in the most meaningful ways, at the local level. In addition, it provides tools to capture local social data, publish/manage campaigns and provides deep analytics and competitive intelligence, letting brands measure marketing performance at each point of sale.


4. Local Measure

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - Local measure

Local Measure lets businesses discover public social content that were published at the location of the said business. Local Measure allows you to view photos, videos, and reviews across all the locations of your choice, or you can set filters to find the content you need. In addition, the platform also helps identify loyal customers and high influencers by filtering follower counts and visits, or searching for them by name. Finally, Local Measure provides features for engagement and contains a variety of analytics tools to spot trends and compare locations.

5. Geofeedia

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - Geofeedia

Geofeedia allows the client to search the globe and draw a perimeter around any location of interest. Geofeedia will display all geotagged social media posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Viddy. In addition, Geofeedia provides tools to that helps the user explore location-based social media content in an organized timeline for real-time updating – clients can also use the Streamer to monitor multiple locations simultaneously in one view.


6. FourWhere (Sysomos)

location based social monitoring fourwhere

FourWhere helps you to find comments, tips for venues left by Foursquare,Gowalla and Yelp users. FourWhere automatically retrieves and aggregates user comments and visualizes them on the map. To use FourWhere, provide your location, and then click on the map to see venues (locations) or tips (comments written about a particular place).

7. Digital Stakeout

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - Digital Stakeout

Digital Stakeout is another tool focused on law enforcement and security. It offers a location-based geo-fencing module, keyword search, and meta-data search capabilities. In addition, it filters social posts and provides automated discovery of posts pertaining to disasters, disruptions, violence, unrest and more.


8. EchoSec

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - Echosec

EchoSec offers a product that allows one to search physical regions for messages, images, videos and more. Similar to BlueJay, EchoSec focuses on law enforcement and security verticals.


9. BlueJay

Top 10 Location based social media monitoring tools - BlueJay

BlueJay is the product of Brightplanet, a social media monitoring company and has been around for a long time. BlueJay is primarily focuses on the law enforcement vertical. It offers a Twitter scanner that lets law enforcement agencies to monitor all geo-located tweets within a certain area in real-time for a 24-hour period. BlueJay also offers the feature that enables the client to request tweets from a specific time frame within the past 90 days.

Location-Based Social Monitoring is the Future

Location-based monitoring is an upcoming space with more vendors set to build products in the coming days. Shoot us an email at [email protected] or comment here if you think we need to include any other product we might have missed or any product that might have launched since we published this post.

Contact us by emailing [email protected] or filling out our Demo Request form at to learn more about how we are unique and how we can benefit your business with a solution that can address all of your needs and understand what you’ve been missing in your current social monitoring solutions!

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