Essential Cord-Cutting Services, for People Who Are Ready to Ditch Their Cable Subscription

Whether you’re breaking up your bundle and cutting the cord for the first time, or looking to add to your content roster — these are the 5 best cord-cutting services money can buy.

With plenty of new movies, live sports, and original series coming out, online streaming services account for nearly all the entertainment we need these days. It’s no wonder so many people are cutting the cord on their cable bundles for the likes of YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Apple TV+. Video streaming accounts for nearly 71% of all downstream traffic and grew by 70% YOY in 2020. After years of cord-cutting, the pile-up of streaming services and cable alternatives is both a blessing and difficult to navigate. That’s why we did the research and compiled the best options you can get in 2021.

YouTube TV

Some of us remember when YouTube was just a place to stream funny cat videos (some of us still stream funny cat videos). YouTube TV goes way beyond that with full movies, TV shows, and live sports. YouTube TV even thought to replace that old TiVO box that used to sit below your TV. They let you stream and record live TV and watch it later, with over 85 channels, and there are no DVR fees or broadcast fees — plus, they even give you unlimited DVR storage. Not to mention they also bring you the prestige live sports network channels that include, NFL, NBA, and MLB networks, with no annual contract.

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Hulu + Live TV

Most of us probably think of Hulu as Netflix’s little brother when it comes to streaming. Trust us when we tell you Hulu is going toe-to-toe when it comes to what they offer. They’ve even stolen a page from the old cable playbook and started bundling streaming services across Disney+, ESPN+, and HBO Max. In addition, Disney’s app is the only place you’ll get Pixar, Star Wars, and even National Geographic, so you’re basically obligated to subscribe if you have kids

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Sling TV

If you like to channel surf, Sling TV is a solid choice. But where Sling TV really shines is in their pricing. Sling currently offers three main packages that start $35 per month and top out at about $50 per month. They include all the prestige programming you’d expect from most cable companies, and you add local and national sports (depending on your plan).

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Amazon Prime Live Channels

Chances are you’ve probably already signed up for this one and didn’t even know it. Your Amazon Prime subscription comes with Prime Video. Prime Video is essentially all you expect from a tech giant like Amazon: blockbuster movies, shows, live sports, discounts, and streaming bundles. But one thing you didn’t expect is their surprisingly soothing spreadsheet-like view of all shows across every channel. Plus, since you’re already a Prime member, there’s a decent amount of content that’s included for “free.”

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Let’s all forget about the time we “borrowed” our friends’ HBO GO login and let’s jump straight to HBO Max. HBO Max is bringing you all the glorious but finite original programming you need from HBO, plus 600 movies and WarnerMedia’s full media roster. It has all the great channels your family is looking for, including Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT. It’s a massive, quality-packed content library that will most likely become your go-to app on Saturday nights.

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