• WeLink is the most powerful
    location based Social Media Monitoring
    and Engagement Platform

    Close the loop with location based Social Media Monitoring

    Engage with customers at your physical locations. Instantly monetize with offers and targeted ads.

  • Engage and serve Instant Offers
    and Targeted Ads on your customer's
    preferred social media channels

  • Cutting edge Social Media Monitoring

    WeLink drives value from location based social conversations. Filter through
    massive amounts of social data in a sophisticatedly simple dashboard.

    Social Intelligence

How WeLink works

how it works
Welink - Social Chatter Capture
WeLink - Targetted offers

Geo-Fence a location

Draw on a map and select locations to monitor.
Add keywords and hashtags if needed.
You can monitor a city, a mall, streets or multiple locations.

Collect Social Chatter

WeLink will capture all the social chatter within the selected area.
Sites include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Flickr etc.

Target Social Influencers

Reach out to the right people at the right time with the right message.
Respond to customer feedback, share offers and run targetted ads.

Explore and Analyze

View detailed information and analytics.
Examine trends, survey social sentiment and measure success.

WeLink Benefits

Location Location Location

WeLink lets you perform location based social media monitoring anywhere in the world.
There is more to location-based monitoring than just keywords and hashtags.

Best in class Social Monitoring

Experience first-in-class social data processing - capturing and analyzing feeds from
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare , GooglePlus, Flickr, Youtube and other social channels.

Target Precisely

Filter through the social chatter and get the data you need - filter by date range, sentiment, influence, followers and shares through a click of a button.

Engage with Customers

Our sophisticatedly simple dashboard, lets you connect with your clients to enhance customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and monetize.

Find Influencers

Identify influencers, trends, and demographics within the geo-fenced area. Be ahead of the curve, be a part of the future.

Enterprise Grade

SLAs backed by human interaction and features crafted to deliver true enterprise-class service.

Why choose WeLink

Learn more about what makes WeLink the superior solution
for all your social media monitoring and engagement needs

Why choose WeLink

Gain 40%-80% more social media data than any other available social media monitor product.

Our product enhancements and upgrades always keeps you ahead in the social media market and gain the needed competitive edge to succeed.

We pour insane amount of effort and thought behind making our product intuitive and easy to use. No technical skills required and everything is accessible with a click of a button.

Access your dashboard anywhere, anytime from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Designed for the enterprise, WeLink is a great addition to your core business infrastructure.

Whether it is one location, locations spread across regions, we aggregate and deliver the data. Control, manage and limit access and functions to specific employees in your enterprise

Connect and engage with the people that matter the most to you easily from within the dashboard.

Sentiment Analysis

Quickly drill down positive and negative sentiments in user generated data

We serve Fortune 500 clients in these verticals


Download the following resources to learn more about how WeLink can benefit your specific business use case.

Learn how WeLink can help you meet your objectives.

Facts about social media. Do you know what people talk about at your locations?

53% Recommend Products
93% Influenced by Social media
90% Trust Peer Recommendations
14% Trust Ads