Lightning-fast internet for your
home at a price you’ll love

Lightning-fast internet for your home at a price you’ll love

Your internet should be unbelievably fast and mighty enough for all your devices. Introducing WeLink home internet—gigabit speeds, unlimited data, and no hidden fees… ever.

Wireless Fiber Speed

Our Wireless Fiber delivers top-of-the-line speeds with business-class reliability to your neighborhood. With our new wireless technology, you can get Gigabit speed through the air.

100 Mbps

Average US Speed

The average download speed in the US is about 100 Mbps and the upload speed is about 33 Mbps.


WeLink Speed

With WeLink, you’ll get symmetrical Gigabit speeds. That’s over 10x faster than the average US speed.

Fast Enough For
Everything & Everyone

Hear From Real Customers

Our customers don’t just love us, they rave about us. Hear what real WeLink customers have to say about our Wireless Fiber internet service. Fast and reliable service without all the hidden fees, pricing games, or gimmicks.

Save big with our loyalty discount

Tired of the inflating internet bill? Us too! We’re not like other internet service providers that surprise you with an expensive bill once your initial offer expires. Instead, we place you into our loyalty program, and the price of your internet drops!

save up to

$ 280

per year

Annual savings with loyalty discount

Savings shown are estimates only, customer’s specific savings may vary. Estimated savings are based on comparable gigabit download internet offers from competitors with an average rate of $130 per month when modem/router fees are included and promotional rates have expired. Savings estimate is compared to WeLink’s price per month for a similar package after the initial term and with WeLink loyalty discount applied. Initial savings during the first year with promo rate from competitors and before WeLink’s loyalty discount is applied would likely be less.

Straightforward & Simple Pricing

A fast connection doesn’t have to be expensive. Get simple, straightforward pricing without all the rate games and gimmicks.

Flex Plan



Month to Month Plan

Other speeds and offers are available in select areas of our network. Gigabit speeds may not be available in certain areas of our current network footprint.

Freedom Plan



24 Month Plan

Other speeds and offers are available in select areas of our network. Gigabit speeds may not be available in certain areas of our current network footprint.

What makes WeLink different

Fast Speeds

We utilize the latest in wireless technology to bring fiber-like internet speeds to residents across the country.

Reliable Connection

We build our wireless networks with multiple redundancy measures in place to ensure everyone stays connected.

Affordable Plans

Internet should not be overpriced. With WeLink, you’ll always get a lightning fast connection at a fair and affordable price.


Nobody likes surprises. With WeLink, there are no hidden fees and no pricing games or gimmicks. Nada zilch none.

Loyalty Discount

On select plans you get a monthly rate that actually gets better with time. Why? Because loyalty should be rewarded.

Quality Support

Need support? With WeLink, you’ll always get in touch with real people that are willing to listen and ready to help.

Let's Link up and Get You Connected!

Go ahead and make the switch to a better internet provider.

Aw, shucks. We’re blushing.

We might be biased, but we think our internet is pretty great. Our customers think so too.

Troy E.
05:11 24 Sep 22
Love the internet!
Jose V.
02:48 24 Sep 22
Fast speeds 👍🏼
Sasha V.
02:23 24 Sep 22
Great wifi coverage in our two story home
Kate R.
02:20 24 Sep 22
Fiber optic has a fast and great speed. Love it!
Rick S.
00:25 24 Sep 22
We have had Welink for about 8 months and the service has been fantastic to this point.
Andrea K.
00:03 24 Sep 22
So far our experiment with WeLink has been great. We have smart TVs, laptops, home cameras and phones connected at any given time. The app is easy to... navigate and refresh, even for me the non-techy type. Ben has been great at answering questions and helping more
Mike P.
23:59 23 Sep 22
Not really sure how this works but it’s actually better than Cox. Highly recommend!!
Henry D.
23:33 23 Sep 22
Super fast the people are great to work with!!
Liz A.
23:24 23 Sep 22
Fast internet service! Can’t beat the price. Any issues we’ve had they respond fast and efficiently.
Shadow S.
23:23 23 Sep 22
The service is excellent!! I've had service for months now and speeds, stability and customer service all excel!
Gina C.
23:08 23 Sep 22
Amazing speed and fantastic service! So happy to leave my old ISP. The customer service has been unparalleled, it amazing! Internet speed and... reliability is the best I have ever more
Sarabia R.
22:57 23 Sep 22
Good wifi
Jocelyne V.
22:06 23 Sep 22
Wifi has been working great with no problems at all even through monsoon season! Love it!
Samuel M.
21:16 23 Sep 22
All you need for great internet
21:07 23 Sep 22
Great customer service and they definitely did a great job. I recommend them to anyone in need 👌
Jay L.
03:56 23 Sep 22
Great service with no problems so far
Casey M.
03:53 23 Sep 22
Love welink! Switched from century link. Worth the extra $10 a month
Spencer R.
02:11 23 Sep 22
Internet was amazing and I was getting incredible speeds.
Buck H.
02:09 23 Sep 22
Great service.
Sergio G.
01:00 23 Sep 22
Great service!
Betsy K.
00:13 23 Sep 22
Great employees. Install was quick. High speed service fast both upload and download.
Denise G.
23:56 22 Sep 22
Absolutely amazing service. Not once have we had any issues. Previously we had Comcast and service continued to drop and we would have to reset our... system all time. WeLink has fast internet without any delays or drops. We absolutely love and recommend!read more
Ira R.
23:47 22 Sep 22
It has been 2 months with Welink , I work from home and I am so Happy with the service, speed is the best, no interruptions. No issues so far. Highly... recommended!read more
Job B.
23:37 22 Sep 22
Awesome speed! no interruptions in two months!
Brian C.
23:22 22 Sep 22
Internet has been working well no interruptions and consistent speeds.
Blake A.
23:16 22 Sep 22
I've had welink for a few months now and it's incredible! I have 2 routers (upstairs and downstairs) and it's really helpful for streaming downstairs... and being on 2 zoom calls upstairs when we work from home and the have to entertain the kids. No issues within calls or streaming ever! I love welink and will never go back to the other horrible main stream internet more
ellie S.
03:51 22 Sep 22
love the internet so far!!
Ammon D.
03:45 22 Sep 22
Best internet service I've ever had!
Lexis S.
03:44 22 Sep 22
Great and fast service! Definitely recommend!
Raul H
00:23 22 Sep 22
Faster than century link and I pay about the same
23:49 21 Sep 22
WeLink is THE BOMB! (More in-depth techy info below if interested)I tell everyone that I possibly can, to look for them in their neighborhoods. It... takes some time to get installed and dialed in if you're in a freshly covered neighborhood (all disclosed during the initial chat with the rep, so it was expected) but it's so worth it. Price:Performance ratio blows Cox out of the water. I'm getting 4x the download speed for 2/3 the price. And that's not accounting for the upload speeds (45x faster... seriously! ~680Mbps compared to 15Mbps). Ping is always 9-11ms on speedtests with next to no jitter. They also include a pair of really nice eero mesh routers compared to the garbage 2-in-1 units Cox deploys. You also have the option to forgo these and use your own equipment (RJ45 Ethernet is the interface provided).You get all the benefits of fiber internet without relying on luck to have fiber infrastructure through your neighborhood. CenturyLink seems to be the only fiber-to-the-home option and very few developments have the infrastructure.Cox had become a sad monopoly here in the valley for far too long so it's great to have another option that continues to expand their coverage areas.More Technical Details and Features:- Commercial grade fiber backbone- Seemingly commercial-grade outage coms/SLAs (The two times I've had an outage over the past 14 months, an email went out days in advance with specific maintenance windows provided)- mm wavelength from endpoint to a "seed house"- Seed house meshes out to other homes via mm wave- Homes are served with private IPs (double NAT). If this would be a deal breaker for you, a static, public IP can be requested for a few bucks extra per month.There's more I could say but this is already a long read for a review. Highly recommended!read more
Lisette V.
23:37 21 Sep 22
Awesome customer service!! 😊
Kassandra M.
18:34 21 Sep 22
I’ve had WeLink for almost a year, it’s a great company no issues at all I’m super happy I made the change!
Lupe S.
18:28 21 Sep 22
Service is great with fast speeds and lower prices. Best decision I've made was switching over!
Ty M.
04:22 21 Sep 22
Just got it about a week ago. Faster than cox for sure. Smooth install.
dallin S.
03:23 21 Sep 22
Love welink. Super cheap.
Connor B.
03:12 21 Sep 22
Call of duty runs so smooth. Love it.
Cheyanne E.
00:34 21 Sep 22
A great company that helped provide my internet needs! Highly recommend.
Chevell K.
23:42 20 Sep 22
Been the best choose. They are great. Way better than Cox!!!!!!!! Let me repeat better and cheaper than Cox by far.
18:53 20 Sep 22
Fast speeds!!!
Sammie L.
03:43 20 Sep 22
You can’t beat the price of Welink!
Ryker G.
02:59 20 Sep 22
Welink has been terrific! Our internet speed is super fast ever since switching, and I have already recommended it to my family and friends so they... can switch too. Can’t beat the price either!read more
02:58 20 Sep 22
Worth the wait. So far they are faster than our cox internet.
Mikay H
02:56 20 Sep 22
Love welink!! The internet is so fast and reliable. No issues at all, it has been so amazing! The price is a huge plus as well!
Jacob L.
02:32 20 Sep 22
Great internet, fast, and reliable! Way better then my previous internet
Rebecca R.
01:56 20 Sep 22
I am so glad I switched to welink, the internet has been way faster and cheaper than anything else and the customer service is so helpful!
AZ solar G.
00:39 20 Sep 22
Love WeLink so far🤙🏼 great customer service!!
Sergio C.
00:23 20 Sep 22
Fast installation, very nice people and great internet speeds would highly recommend.Great customer service
mike B.
23:53 19 Sep 22
Excellent service. You cannot beat the price/speed value you get. If anything does go down, they have very good monitoring systems and will... automatically send people out to fix it. I have never once wanted to go back to more
Muvajona M.
22:58 19 Sep 22
I love the service it’s great I have no complaints.
David K.
21:45 18 Sep 22
Was using century link. Glad I made the switch. Best choice ever.
Leah H.
21:41 18 Sep 22
Cox sucks. this is way better. Never going back.
Kayden B.
21:41 18 Sep 22
Love the internet. Have had it for About 6 months.
Tana S.
21:39 18 Sep 22
the best internet ever.
Shelbi L.
21:31 18 Sep 22
Love welink. Best service. Best price. And unlimited date. Never going back.
Thomas C.
03:22 18 Sep 22
Great experience so far. First month paying for welink. Never going back.
Mark D.
03:21 18 Sep 22
love the service. super fast speeds. Great value compared to century link. A little more expensive but way more bang for buck!
Cade E.
04:51 17 Sep 22
Love Welink so far. have had it for a few months. $70 is a great price. everything included!
Kirsten S.
04:50 17 Sep 22
We link is the best company!!! Great speeds and super fast internet.
Karli L.
04:48 17 Sep 22
We link has been the best switch. Way better than cox. good price and service
Ashley S.
04:46 17 Sep 22
love Welink! super fast speeds! Would recommend!
03:47 17 Sep 22
Been with Welink for a while now, definitely an upgrade from century link! Couldn't be happier with the customer service and the price is hard to... argue with!read more
Kristi H.
03:42 17 Sep 22
Love the service! Been miles better then what I had before!
00:12 17 Sep 22
Great internet! Works great for working from home👍🏼
Eli B.
22:17 16 Sep 22
Love Welink so far. Great speeds. Would recommend
Brian W
21:41 16 Sep 22
I’ve been getting great speeds at my house with WeLink. Would definitely recommend!
Randy Delos R.
18:38 15 Sep 22
tuan H.
01:18 14 Sep 22
Best internet service!!!
Lee G.
00:39 14 Sep 22
No issues with my service and the cost is significantly less than cox.
Kris J.
19:18 10 Sep 22
Angelica A.
00:20 10 Sep 22
Great customer service and fast speeds. Glad we made the switch.
Avery W.
00:06 10 Sep 22
Great customer service, great experience 👍
Marty M.
00:04 10 Sep 22
Levi D.
02:23 09 Sep 22
Had WeLink for a couple months and it’s worked great. Great customer service made sure service was optimum. An engineer even stopped by to make sure... service was consistentread more
02:18 09 Sep 22
Had WeLink for a couple months and it’s worked great. I stream from multiple platforms and haven’t had any issues with losing connection, slow speeds... more
Steve A.
01:24 09 Sep 22
I bought a new printer and had trouble connecting it. WeLink Tech Support helped me get this all connecting. I am very happy with WeLink. Highly... recommend them!read more
Karla H.
01:18 09 Sep 22
I had trouble connecting a new printer but WeLink Support talked me through the steps to make everything is working great. We love WeLink!
Michael T.
01:01 09 Sep 22
We had Century Link for many years. Very satisfied we made the swap to Welink. Super fast internet without any interpretation. Keep up the good work.
Israel O.
00:59 09 Sep 22
Great service and amazing fast speeds!
Ashley J.
00:46 09 Sep 22
Amazing! So glad I made the change from from Cox to WeLink. Fast and the price is great! Great experience.
alex M.
00:07 09 Sep 22
Can’t beat the price, like how engineer came by to make sure things are running smooth.
Jordan C.
02:19 08 Sep 22
Was unsure about switching from Cox but decided to give it a try due to the price point and and has been well worth it! I stream on twitch everyday... and have never had an issue. Well worth it in my more
Maria V.
02:06 08 Sep 22
Good costumer service.
Argelia G.
00:02 08 Sep 22
We do enjoy this service, we have had some issues with connectivity but we’re resolved in a timely manner.
Chad M.
18:53 07 Sep 22
Very good customer service & very good at notifying customers about upcoming updates going on around the community.
Savannah F.
18:45 07 Sep 22
Super fast and amazing Wi-Fi and excellent customer service!!!!!
Edgar Hernandez-Moya KWVIP R.
18:20 07 Sep 22
17:20 07 Sep 22
01:00 07 Sep 22
WeLink is fast and cheap internet that I love
Brian W.
00:36 07 Sep 22
I switched to WeLink about 2 months ago from CenturyLink. I am more than pleased. Speed is mega faster, no more buffering g from security cams,... and the cost is the same. Highly recommendedread more
Susanne W.
00:02 07 Sep 22
Highly recommend. Super fast speeds and great service and great price!
Steve C
23:50 06 Sep 22
Switched from Cox Gigablast and its been great!!!The massive upload speed is amazing.
Wes D.
23:35 06 Sep 22
WeLink has been a very solid experience for us. The network has been dependable and the few times anything needs to be fixed, the communication... from WeLink has been phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone over the more
Darin S.
23:23 06 Sep 22
Super fast and no hiccups whatsoever! Just love it.
23:19 06 Sep 22
Great speeds great service! Would recommend over Cox!
Elizabeth Schulte J.
22:59 06 Sep 22
We've had Welink for about a year and have had no issues! I we had Century Link previously our internet service was so slow!
Chris S.
21:34 06 Sep 22
Great service and price.
Calli C.
20:45 06 Sep 22
We were able to get rid of our super expensive Cox which is the best part of welink. Along with that it has been excellent service and we haven’t... regretted having their service. We have 6 people in our home. One who works for a technology company from home a full time online college student, three gamers and everyone has a device or more
Miah P.
01:51 06 Sep 22
Speeds are phenomenal and the antenna is very small but effective. Extremely happy with welink's service and customer support.
Brandy C.
01:30 06 Sep 22
Brysen K.
01:29 06 Sep 22
The service is fast and the prices are unbeatable!
Wynn E.
00:52 06 Sep 22
We link has been a great service for our household. We have had great service. When our range into the back yard was not as good as it should of been... the engineers worked to fix this issue for more
Michael M.
23:59 05 Sep 22
great speeds. way cheaper than cox. able to game and stream on every device at once.
isabel S.
22:37 05 Sep 22
WeLink has been a great change from previous provider. I work from home and had service interruptions several times to no interuptions. Highly... recommend them!read more
Jayden B.
02:12 05 Sep 22
Great company and good customer service.
luna M.
00:47 05 Sep 22
I love the service as a model I need the internet to promote myself I was in lingerie doing a photoshoot with my friend and the technician only... looked at my face and was respectful he took 5 hours on installation due to some issues 1st technician left because he got an injury, 2nd technician came and finish the job Alberto Ortiz thank you and sorry for late review I put the wrong date in my calendar 10 months of service and happyread more
Mayani R
21:21 03 Sep 22
We have been using we link for months and it has been great!! Highly recommend 🌟
Dharmapuri S.
20:49 03 Sep 22
We were skeptical about trying something new but would highly recommend Welink to anyone trying to switch network providers!
05:45 03 Sep 22
Love Welink. switched over from cox and it’s been the best experience ever. cheap and way faster. Tons of tvs and xboxs and never cuts out. Highly... recommend!read more
Nathan P.
23:46 02 Sep 22
Great customer service with even better internet speeds!! I’ll never go back to cox again.
Ron L.
22:45 02 Sep 22
Better than cox and much less expensive
Rob P
22:32 02 Sep 22
Descent speed. So far I am happy with my internet service.
Joel F.
22:24 02 Sep 22
Cheaper and faster than Cox. Plus Eero Pros are way better from a network perspective. Getting over 600Mbs down at the router and over 300Mbs down at... any given more
Jared V.
22:11 02 Sep 22
Speeds consistently good and the techs are quick and responsive definitely recommend
Erik B.
21:45 02 Sep 22
Excellent reliability and staff. High quality equipment provided and greatly improves home network speed and coverage. Highly recommend using them!
21:20 02 Sep 22
Great service! Cheaper and faster thsn cox.
Alissa J.
01:02 02 Sep 22
Happy with service! Everything has been great!!
Jessica C.
00:41 02 Sep 22
We’re very happy with the price and service of WeLink! We’re so glad we made the switch.
Floriberto S.
00:40 02 Sep 22
Very prompt install, speeds are fast best to keep current internet and compare for first 30 day trail to compare which service you prefer.
Dana F.
00:32 02 Sep 22
Good customer service!
Arielle F.
00:23 02 Sep 22
We link has been great to us! Super fast service, no issues, good price! We are super happy with the service.
Geoffrey K.
00:15 02 Sep 22
We’ve had Welink for a few months now and I’m beyond happy with this company. We had to wait for a little bit due to supply chain, but it was well... worth the wait. Low bill, high speed internet and the ability to say goodbye to Cox communication truly is priceless. I would also like to thank Janine for all of her help and great customer more
Josh G.
00:14 02 Sep 22
Overall a much better experience and price than Cox and Centurylink. Check them out!
lizeth E.
00:07 02 Sep 22
Great costumer service, happy we made the switch. Very helpful with all questions and needs!
Michael S.
23:52 01 Sep 22
We've had WeLink for about 6 months and the service has been fast so far. The help from customer service has been very responsive and they have... given us everything we've needed a we go along. We have had some minor connectivity issues but overall it's been fast and more
marci A.
22:09 01 Sep 22
WeLink is a great company! Great service and very reliable!
Martin A.
22:00 01 Sep 22
Service is good. Great speed for a great price. Eli was most helpful
Brad T.
21:37 01 Sep 22
I have had WeLink now for over 4 months. Not a single issue. Consistently get 700 plus download speeds and 600 plus upload.Much better value than... Cox or any Verizon or T-mobile 5G more
Karol S.
19:58 01 Sep 22
Better than Cox, so far pricing is great.
Jessica T.
19:53 01 Sep 22
Better than Cox! Cheaper rate, no hidden fee. Good service
Jorge M.
14:21 01 Sep 22
Had welink for a little while now and its been pretty good. Im happy with the service and speeds.
chris M.
03:11 01 Sep 22
Waited 4 months to get service, the first month I call 15 times internet kip dropping I was going to cancel but a young man came to my house and fix... the holes of my house as well, as made the cable less noticeable. I try to give him money for swamping a broken tile I had, He says he could not take my money. He told me, Waite, a few months and provide him a review base on my internet experience so far is great """ THANK YOU Alberto"""read more
Martin Perez S.
23:18 31 Aug 22
Great service and tech support
Deborah Noorda [.
22:27 31 Aug 22
Great service,fast speeds, no problems with service
ivan G.
22:05 31 Aug 22
Way better Dan cox good service
Gracie G
22:01 31 Aug 22
I had Cox before I switched to WeLink, and this internet is way better and much cheaper! Would definitely recommend!
Alexis T.
21:48 31 Aug 22
Great customer service and fast speed.
Danielle T.
21:38 31 Aug 22
Switched to Welink a couple months ago after having issues with my last internet provider. I haven't had any problems with welink, internet is fast,... reliable and I've had no issues with the internet disconnecting. I would definitely recommend to others!!read more
Kaden M.
21:16 31 Aug 22
Had a great experience with the sales rep, Eli. He was very communicative and knowledgeable and answered any questions i had. The speed is... PHENOMENAL, way better than cox and WAYY better speeds. Haven’t looked back it’s totally worth itread more
Lauren P.
21:14 31 Aug 22
I love how fast & how cheap it is! There’s nothing not to love about it!
Jeremy C.
18:12 31 Aug 22
Good speeds, haven't had any problems
05:01 30 Aug 22
Internet speed has been impressive. Price point can't be beat. Excellent customer service.
Michael M.
01:32 30 Aug 22
Very impressed with WeLink. I have Comcast (Xfinity) internet, not sure of the speed. Once I got MyLink hooked up, my internet is a race car. I... highly recommend WeLinkread more
Mayen H.
00:10 30 Aug 22
Dependable wifi with reachable help, when needed. Works for all of our electronics, cellphones, and television.
rosean B.
04:28 28 Aug 22
Great service I have service fore about 1 month almost 2 I highly recommend it wen alberto came to my house he gave me the option on where I wanted... the install he told me where i wanted was not a option but he gave me another spot and he ran the wire so good I could barely see it I was concern on a wire coming from roof down but installation was done perfect and service is great he even set up my tv to new networkread more
This G.
01:29 27 Aug 22
Great company with super fast Wi-Fi! Works way better than who we had before, the guy who came by with the offer explained everything perfectly and... the install technicians were very professional!read more
Jared H.
01:25 27 Aug 22
Great company! Wi-Fi was super fast, the guys who set it up were very professional as well!
Tawnya H.
21:16 26 Aug 22
Speed is working great
20:32 26 Aug 22
Switched over from Cox, internet speed is faster for a better price!
20:11 26 Aug 22
Amazing internet speed! Would recommend to anyone!!
Maddison C.
19:56 26 Aug 22
WeLink came at the perfect time for us! We didn't need our cable anymore and wanted to find a good internet company that could keep up with streaming... services. With WeLink we were able to cancel our cable and rely on their awesome internet for what we needed! The speed is super fast and we haven't had any problems! Thanks WeLink!read more
Wulfrano R.
18:26 26 Aug 22
Guy came to my house make sure my welink speed was as fast as promise. I very happy with his service and speed.
Dewayne M.
09:59 26 Aug 22
We got set up set a while back and speed is way more consistent. A gentleman stopped by and made sure that it worked flawlessly
miguel B.
23:58 25 Aug 22
Excelente servicio
Robert K.
23:48 25 Aug 22
It’s only been a few days but welink has been faster and cheaper than cox. To top it off Freddy has been great. He answered all my questions and had... the install crew out the next dayread more
Daniel L.
20:20 25 Aug 22
Great speeds, as promised. Customer support is great. Everyone is friendly!
Jill D.
01:14 25 Aug 22
Great service.
00:03 25 Aug 22
Very fast speeds. Happy I made the switch!
Katlin B.
23:24 24 Aug 22
Great service! I recommend to all my friends and family!
Giselle C.
02:21 24 Aug 22
Love the service. 700 down 600 up speeds! Way better than century link.
Amy B.
01:33 24 Aug 22
We love Welink!!! Our new house is a smart house so EVERYTHING is connected to wifi from the microwave to the garage door. Not to mention the number... of personal devices we use and our previous service couldn’t keep up. We’ve had Welink for about a year and have the fastest speeds even with so many devices. When we have had a problem they have been quick to remedy the situation. I really appreciate the app allowing me to track the devices accessing our wifi and the threats that have been blocked. The QR code for guests and friends is very more
John C.
00:25 24 Aug 22
Very happy with the Welink service
Jared D.
00:05 24 Aug 22
Great price great up time and great speed what more can you ask.
16:23 23 Aug 22
I have no issue with this service!
Vamsi M.
00:36 23 Aug 22
Works great for a very reasonable price
Tiffany D.
00:29 23 Aug 22
Great speed, love the upgrade!
Mary C.
00:03 23 Aug 22
Love the service. Better than centurylink
Laurie R.
00:00 23 Aug 22
Better than cox!
David H.
16:11 22 Aug 22
I have had WeLink for almost a year. WeLink has out preformed their competitors within my region. WeLink has faster upload and downloads and I have... more than 25 devices running at once in my home. WeLink's service so far has not wavered. I am hoping that WeLink continues to get a bigger presents in more
Andres C.
02:11 20 Aug 22
Barbara D.
01:48 20 Aug 22
Very kind technician came by to see if I was hooked up, I was not he help me to schedule and get to the next step, and make sure everything is good.
Barbara A D.
01:44 20 Aug 22
Very kind engineer came by to see how I was doing to make sure that I was turned on, and I still need to set an appointment to get turned on he is... helping me with everything I more
kelcie W.
00:19 20 Aug 22
We link is better than Cox ! 🙌🏻
Denyse D.
23:00 19 Aug 22
Great experience all around. Speeds are great. The communication and follow up is amazing!!! Highly recommend this company.
Brent B.
22:19 19 Aug 22
Nothing short of fantastic! It's nice to be with a company that actually cares about their customers.
Bill M.
20:30 19 Aug 22
Great service not perfect but definitely happy
Paul M.
18:17 19 Aug 22
I have had WeLink for almost 2 months. The speeds are lightning fast and very reliable! My WeLink representative, Freddy J. has been amazing. He is... always available to answer questions and constantly goes above and beyond! Keep up the speeds and stellar customer service!read more
Javier R.
02:11 19 Aug 22
Love the service! Super fast and the customer service is amazing!
Andres D.
00:15 19 Aug 22
Up and coming internet provider, it’s refreshing to see a competing isp they’re only going to get better l.
Monet D.
00:15 19 Aug 22
Honestly the best provider. 10/10 would recommend. Have never had better customer service or internet service.
Ann B.
00:04 19 Aug 22
Great service and great price! Definitely better the Cox, without a doubt!
Kelly K.
22:44 18 Aug 22
Love new internet
brenden S
22:38 18 Aug 22
WeLink is a way better option compared to cox and all the other internet services i’ve tried over the years! customer service was very helpful when i... had a more
Jeff F.
22:05 18 Aug 22
WeLink is grate cheep cost comparison to Cox. 700+ for under $60 is a grate deal and consistent
Eric P.
01:21 18 Aug 22
WeLink is awesome JB came by told him no problems with the company at all.always helpful and courteous.
Shadi A.
01:11 18 Aug 22
Great service!! Would recommend!
Bill F.
01:07 18 Aug 22
We talked with our neighbors that already had the services and they told us that it would be worth it, so we tried it out and so far we have loved it.
Justin R.
00:50 18 Aug 22
Excellent service, very fast and way better then the leading cable company out here.
00:49 18 Aug 22
Switched to Welink several months ago! Saving soo much money! And it’s faster than anything I’ve ever had before! It’s the only way to go now! Love... it! Thanks JB for stopping to check in on us too! It’s working great!read more
Brandon V
23:05 17 Aug 22
Nice flat fee and better speeds than Cox. Definitely worth the switch.
Liam G.
22:27 17 Aug 22
This is better than Cox!
Jesse P.
21:47 17 Aug 22
Love the service. Excellent bandwidth for the price. Have not had any issues
Brian H.
21:47 17 Aug 22
Just a little buffering on movies.... but better then we had with Cox
Jesus V.
06:19 17 Aug 22
I Just Switch from century link , and I'm very happy I can see the difference on all my downloads , I end up waiting like 2 months to complete the... set up but is worth it more
Jamie D.
02:39 17 Aug 22
Great speeds and super customer service
Marc G.
02:26 17 Aug 22
I've been happy with my service and speed! Glad I switch from Centurylink!
00:54 17 Aug 22
Excellent service with very competitive home internet rates! I had an actual person come check up on me and verified the promised speeds. Thank you... WeLink…read more
00:42 17 Aug 22
The internet is far better than cox ever was! No regrets changing over.
Carlos C.
00:32 17 Aug 22
We changed from Cox to WeLink and couldn't be happier with our choice. Cheaper cost and better service is always a win. If you have a chance to... won't regret more
Sunset and Paradise L.
00:07 17 Aug 22
Love this internet provider, great speeds and service!!!
Hayden J.
22:35 16 Aug 22
Perfect solution! I live in an area where Cox and CenturyLink only offer speeds of about 5 Mbps. Now im getting around 600 Mbps with my new system. I... thought I was doomed but these guys delivered!read more
Gavin R.
20:55 16 Aug 22
This service is the best it is way better then cox Wi-Fi. It is way faster and way cheaper!!
Sadie S.
20:44 16 Aug 22
WeLink is way better than Cox 10/10 would recommend
rosalina D.
20:32 16 Aug 22
I love the service I have had it for 4 moth’s and is the best decition goodbye cox
Gonzalo V.
20:02 16 Aug 22
Works great! love the service!
Miguel F.
19:43 16 Aug 22
Awesome so far.
Elizabeth G.
19:37 16 Aug 22
I switched from cox and I love we link. Way better than cox for sure.
John B.
02:49 16 Aug 22
i usually don’t even talk to people who knock on my door, but i’m really glad that i did. My wife and I had to wait a little while for them to... finally come out to set us up but we are super happy that we waited and love our speeds. way better than cox or centurylink which we have tried more
Jay N.
02:15 16 Aug 22
We are very pleased with our decision to get rid of Cox and switch to WeLknk. The price is great and we've had great upload and download speeds even... with multiple devices at the same more
Gina M.
00:26 16 Aug 22
They have the best Internet it's super fast! Great customer service!
16:14 15 Aug 22
Genuinely concerned that you have great internet throughout your entire home and will go above and beyond to do so.
06:33 15 Aug 22
I've had WeLink for about 6 months now. The service has been great. Speeds have been fast and I've seen minimal interruptions compared to my last... service provider. The initial setup took a bit, but after the rollout, install was fairly good, a little confusion on the requirements would have been helpful. I was unaware that the roof connection had to have a direct line to a wall power outlet. The second service installer cleared it up, picked a better spot for the connection and did a professional install. The EERO mesh routers they provided have been very good. I've been very happy with my We link more
Mark L.
00:04 15 Aug 22
Big fan of WeLink. Great customer service and less than half the price of Cox!
Cecilia S.
22:23 13 Aug 22
The gentleman who helped set up my internet made sure my speeds were running as fast as possible. They have been consistent and I am really happy to... be a WeLink customer!☺🤘read more
adrian B.
18:34 13 Aug 22
Welink is better than Cox by far and i have had Cox for years. I never got down & up speed this fast for the price of Welink. If you’re moving and... need a wifi GET WELINK!!! Jaybe Owens helped me, he is a very nice representative and deserves a lot of praise!read more
Rachel Y.
01:23 13 Aug 22
Bandwidth speeds are amazing! I've gotten great customer service throughout the whole setup 🙂
Emilee U
00:48 13 Aug 22
Great service at a great price!
Julie Y.
23:35 12 Aug 22
We switched from another company after 20 years. We saved 50%. The service has been very good.
ajit M.
01:42 12 Aug 22
Very good network speeds for the price! Had some reliability issue for a brief period but it was immediately addressed and resolved. Good service... overall!read more
Roger M.
01:40 12 Aug 22
WeLink has been good for our household but we are looking forward to improved service as it relates to how outages are communicated. The value for... the price is more
Di F.
01:06 12 Aug 22
Great customer service! The speeds are fast and I'm happy I switched to WeLink!
Christopher L.
01:00 12 Aug 22
Lightning fast reliable internet
Dan C.
00:56 12 Aug 22
Been with Welink since beginning of year. Awesome internet super fast speeds. Recommend to all.
Darren K.
00:40 12 Aug 22
23:51 11 Aug 22
Very personable and attentive staff. Comparable speeds to the major cable companies at half the cost!
Lexie E.
23:16 11 Aug 22
Best experience with you guys! Putting many family and friends on with WELINK! Azan got us up fast!! We love our new internet with a passion😍
20:48 11 Aug 22
We do gaming and the internet works just fine even though at times its a little slow but overall it's pretty good 👍🏾
Landen A
05:12 11 Aug 22
Very polite gentleman came and offered me the free trial in the area. Ive tried it for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed with the speed.... Can't beat the price more
Victor T.
04:04 11 Aug 22
Awesome internet at an affordable price, goodbye to Cox never again!
Constance C.
03:25 11 Aug 22
The fast speeds are the best with WeLink. I needed a new internet service for my work from home job and I'm so happy with this company. Highly... more
Luis C.
01:44 08 Aug 22
Excited to finally get better service than Cox. Seems like the price is lower than it should be. First two weeks with it and already love it, no... more
Scott W
13:48 06 Aug 22
Greg R.
23:13 05 Aug 22
Great ,fast service, and they actually have a business model thats based around rewarding customers for loyalty. A+ 10/10 would recommend 💯
Jami H.
21:55 05 Aug 22
We just got set up with our welink we are beyond excited the guy who we worked with was more than helpful!
Jason B.
02:13 05 Aug 22
Just had We Link installed and it was as smooth a process as could ask. Ben was great with educating me on Welling and the installers were very... courteous and friendly. For the price and service recieved I could not be happier. Thanks Ben!Jason more
Laura C.
01:46 03 Aug 22
Working to resolve issues and fixing the issue, appreciate their desire to make things right!!!
23:05 01 Aug 22
I was recently Set up to be a super anchor home, the Internet is really fast really fast and I was lucky to get set up so quickly. I'm really glad... to get rid of cox. Thx welinkread more
robert S.
00:01 30 Jul 22
Faster than at&t
Tony X.
04:36 29 Jul 22
Azan set me up about 2weeks ago. After set up it worked fine. I notice the upload speed down for 10min right after set up. Azan stopped back by and... checked to make sure our network was running properly. He went through a check list and let me know to contact welink if we ever have Dow down times with our upload or download speeds. Very knowledgeable and valuable. I’m really glad I got signed up. Thx Azan. Thx welink!! 😇read more
Ced P
03:32 29 Jul 22
Azan stopped by to help me with my installation and it work brilliantly!! Thanks Azan and we link is the best internet in Las Vegas
Jordyn J.
03:06 26 Jul 22
Giving five stars. It’s better than cox with faster speeds and a lot cheaper than any other wifi out here. 10/10 recommend.
Jay J.
03:04 26 Jul 22
I’ve only had WeLink for a few weeks now and it’s way better than cox speed wise. Azan came to my house to talk to me and ask me how i feel about the... wifi and i absolutely love it! 10/10 recommend. Faster speeds and waaaaay cheaper than any other wifi companyread more
Joaquin M.
00:44 25 Jul 22
I had this company come out to service and bring internet at faster speeds in an area of Tucson I wasn't too sure they would be able to service. ... They told me they would be able too. Dennis was my technician and was super polite and respectful of my property. I work from home and especially in this heat. He was fast and prompt. Will definitely recommend this company to other customers and clients of my more
William G.
01:45 16 Jul 22
Francisco B.
21:40 15 Jul 22
Dennis is the absolute best technician in all the land. Dennis offers customer service at its finest, Mesh Architecture Genius, Fiber Connection... Extraordinaire, AND DARE NOT QUESTION THE QUALITY OF HIS WORK!!!read more
Jesus C.
20:05 06 Jul 22
I’ve been a WeLink customer for 3 years. Their service is top notch. On the customer service side, when they have a planned outage they’ll inform you... weeks ahead of it. If there is a service outage they will email you and explain what caused the outage and what they will do to prevent it from happening in the future. They have also provided credits on my bill for those outages. They go above and beyond their competitors. I was a Cox customer for 20 years and don’t look back at it. They have the best customer service in the industry.As for the service, it is fast and reliable. I have 400 down/ 200 up. In my household, we cut the cord and stream everything. Live sports come across without lag or interruptions. For gaming, on Blizzard servers, I get a consistent 25ms latency. On speed tests, it consistently tests at 4-6ms which is on par with what I got with Cox gigabit. For work from home, the upload speed is fantastic when uploading to Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.If a rep comes to your door, sign up for it right away. You can’t beat the price and the customer service is more
02:10 02 Jul 22
Very reliable, internet speeds are as advertised! I recommend of you’re having issues with Cox or CenturyLink
awsome D.
01:44 02 Jul 22
All the technicians that came to install the system were professional and courteous. The internet speed is faster than cox and it was worth the wait.
Craig C.
00:17 02 Jul 22
After being frustrated with Cox I was glad to see a competitive option come to the city. Getting up and running is a process but once up and dialed... in its a great, consistent more
Peter N.
21:33 01 Jul 22
Welink has been amazing! Never going back to cox ever again! It’s fast, reliable and customer service has been great! You won’t get faster speeds any... where else in the valley! I have had it now for a year and loved every moment! Helped tons with lower ping as well for gaming! Would definitely recommend to all! Go give welink a shot!read more
Patrick M.
06:20 30 Jun 22
I can't say enough great things about WeLink. The service is phenomenal, the speeds can't be beat, and the price is outstanding. I "sampled" their... service against Cox for a few days and it simply blew it away with speeds. I've only had one very short outage that was rectified quickly. Additionally, I wasn't wild about how they placed some cables on the outside of my house and they came the next day and fixed it. Good luck getting that type of service with Cox. I'd recommend their service to anyone, it's a no-brainer if you're in the Las Vegas metro more
Alexander E.
01:36 30 Jun 22
Mason P.
05:14 28 Jun 22
Gave this company a try after saving me nearly $70 on internet monthly!! The connection speed has been so much better especially for all the gaming... we do in our house. They respond quick if we ever have questions, highly recommend them!read more
Beverly B.
23:35 27 Jun 22
I had the best experience with the customer service rep, Aya. She was professional, patient and informative. I had a few questions about connecting... my new internet to my thermostat, and she was able to help me with that and my billing. WeLink is off to a good more
anita I.
15:39 23 Jun 22
Great so far! Installation and setup was quick and easy. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been helpful and nice. Best part is the price! Glad I switched!
Digital B.
16:11 22 Jun 22
Better than cox , they give a better deal and speeds !!’
Peggy B.
16:16 16 Jun 22
One of the best moves I have made in a long time. WeLink almost sounded too good to be true BUT I was so DONE with Cox. WeLink came at the right time... and has lived up to everything they told me they would do. The service is excellent and always professional.I have referred several people and they LOVE WeLink also.Someone told me that they had heard not so good things about them, to that I answered “ since when do you just accept what you hear, if I had done that I would still be hating my life with Cox. This person now also has WeLink……Give them a call you won’t be disappointed!!!read more
Bob H.
17:03 15 Jun 22
Consistent reliable with good speed. Hope it continues.
Jessica M.
16:26 14 Jun 22
Ken from welink provided great customer service and took his time to explain the benefits of welink as an internet service provider. Jesse installed... the equipment and assisted me with setting everything up making the transition seamless. My new internet service has been faster than my old and covers more sqft leaving no dead zones in my more
Michael F.
19:20 13 Jun 22
I had Welink installed a week ago. I checked the speed against CenturyLink, and it was 3 times faster than what I was getting. I work from home, and... my WiFi from CenturyLink would go out everyday. I was going to wait into my 30 day free trial, but I was very happy and cancelled CenturyLink 2 days more
Damontre O.
19:56 11 Jun 22
Last year I moved from Los Angeles to Henderson Nevada. I search for Internet companies in the area and I found Cox was the only provider that had... the speed that I needed. The service cox provided was OK but the price was outrageous. I was paying double what I was paying when I lived in LA. One day I was outside cleaning up and a guy walked them to me and asked me do I have cox as my Internet provider. I said yes and he asked me did I want to save some money and I said of course. He explain to me what Wheeling had to offer and I could have a free trial to see how it works I took the free trial into my surprise WeLink was faster and provided me with two modems one so I could use one upstairs and one downstairs and the price was more than half of what I was paying for Cox. I’ve had the service for almost a year now and I have no complaints so I’m leaving us a review to thank WeLink for helping me save some money and providing a good more
Kelly W.
01:40 10 Jun 22
We've had our WeLink service for about 6 months and we've had nothing but good experiences with this company. Our uploads/downloads have in the 700s... (not a typo, 7-0-0s). We pay a fraction of the price that we did for COX for better customer service and better internet more
joshua T.
01:32 13 May 22
Amazing still after a year.
nicholas Z.
23:04 09 May 22
Insane. Always wanted fiber. Speeds don’t always get to 700 but alway faster than cox. Only downside is they are not in every area.
Kris W.
18:26 02 May 22
Great customer service and reliable internet. So nice to finally have a better alternative to Cox in the valley.
Melissa P.
23:02 30 Apr 22
Switched from Cox to WeLink. Jose was flexible and professional, helped us when we needed it so I didn’t have to call tech support during our... transition. We were somehow given a gateway that belonged to someone else’s network or wasn’t removed prior to being given to us, but a tech came by today to help me get connected and we’re getting a new one. Every tech that has come to our house has been very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Our internet speed is in the hundreds for upload and download. Very pleased!read more
Katherine J.
01:24 30 Apr 22
Looking forward to long-term service with WeLink we’d like to thank Jose Corona for his professionalism , and expediting the connection process.... Thank You for making sure our needs are met. You all are awesome!!!!read more
Jackie J.
18:37 27 Apr 22
WeLink is fabulous!!! Someone came to my door months ago wanting to know if I was interested in trying a new internet service, as a completely... unsatisfied customer of Cox I jumped at it!! Best decision I’ve made in quite some time! I’ve had the service for probably close to a year now, maybe two outages lasting minutes opposed to Cox’s multiple interruptions lasting hours! The cost savings are a bonus on top of the excellent service! I highly recommend WeLink!!!!!read more
Sondra Y.
15:13 27 Apr 22
We have a great experience with this internet service. Hardly ever have outages. Customer service has been good when we have needed to call. Thier... website is easy to use to pay my bill each month. The initial setup did take a few months and was frustrating but is worth it. We don't get over charges for using to much data like Cox was more
Paulius Ž.
03:08 27 Apr 22
Good customer care.
Terry K.
14:11 24 Apr 22
HELLO WELINK! Where have you been all of my life? Blazing speed, honest communications, fast & friendly service, good price, what is not to love... about WeLink? We suffered and I do mean suffered with years of poor communications, lousy service, and generally poor treatment and pricing of CenturyLink & Cox, so when WeLink came along I expected more of the same. I am thrilled to say WeLink is different, a wonderful welcoming kind of different. I am beyond thrilled with the speed and service. Get WOWed. Get WeLink. Seriously, this is the real deal for Internet. I've been a "Thrilled Beyond Belief" WeLink customer for more than 6 months. For the record . . CenturyLink ranks as the absolute WORST company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. GOODBYE CenturyLink!read more
Harvey H.
01:43 24 Apr 22
No one can beat the price, and the speed is good, hoping if the client increase, they will increase their bandwidth too.
Scott A.
02:04 22 Apr 22
Will H.
23:29 21 Apr 22
The internet is fantastic and Jose Corona was an excellent Representative with great knowledge of the system, he should be a trainer for closing... transactions. Excellent customer more
Cory C.
04:09 14 Apr 22
Hands down the best internet I have ever had I don't think many people brag about their utility companies very often but I was doing it for 1.5 yrs... and then decided that it was a company I could stand behind 100%. That's when I decided to come work for them. The price, speeds, reliability everything was amazing befor I worked for them and hasn't changed in 2.5 more
A M.
05:19 12 Apr 22
2018 - I just got welink installed and I am so far liking the service! Better and cheaper than cox internet. Update 4/11/2022 - I have now had WeLink... since 2018 and it’s still working better than Cox ever did. Did it take longer than normal for things to get up and running, yes, but I was ok with that because I hadn’t paid for anything yet. It’s not like they were charging me and I didn’t have service. Once you get the service you’ll be happier than you were with Cox. WeLink gave me a year for free and two free routers. I only pay $65 a month and after 5 years it’ll go down to $55. That’s half of what cox is charging. What do you have to lose? If you don’t like it then switch back to Cox and enjoy getting ripped more
Dino B
08:59 09 Apr 22
It took a little while for the installation because everything was backed up. It is a new company, so you have to be patient, it's worth the wait.... I'm in the Enterprise area who signed up in late June, and had service up until September... It took about 3 grueling frustrating months for me. I was skeptical about the antenna on the roof, and with the random wind storms we get in Vegas, surprisingly I have no issues at all, but I would with Cox, as many of you know what I'm talking about, they'd go down for whatever reason periodically, and are a pain to get a hold of. I was also concerned about the antenna being invasive looking or ugly like a satellite on the side or the house; to my surprise, you can't even tell it's there, even if you could see your house from afar, its low profile design makes it unnoticeable, if anything it’s pretty cool looking.In the end, 4 months later, Im paying less money for faster on average reliable home internet, than I would get with cox. No issues at all so far, and they give free mesh routers. I was paying $80+ for cox to have 100 mbs down capped at 2tb, which I went over because I watch a lot of online streaming videos, and games. Now I'm paying $70 flat for unlimited data on average 400mbs down no caps. For a new company, not bad at all... Just waiting for them to start running on IPV6 so we can get those gigabit speeds on average.... This is definitely a much better obvious alternative to get rid of big cable, especially for those who don't subscribe to TV and home phones. My advice is to be patient with them, but also keep pressing them, they will come. Again, they're backed up, and they're new, but the outcome will be worth it. Also, don't be a more
Zachary O
17:17 17 Mar 22
Awesome. It's great to finally have a competitor against the ISP empire here. Technicians have been great at the house, the teams have all been... really professional, and our service has been great. No interruptions as of yet and consistently super high speeds. Hoping this company sticks around for a long long more
Jennifer H.
19:25 16 Mar 22
From the sales visit, Installing interior equipment, exterior equipment to activation today. I have been impressed with the communication from... corporate to service technicians kindness and professionalism. So happy to cancel Cox as all .my devices activated on WeLink! Thank you!!read more
Alberto H.
09:13 08 Mar 22
Colby U.
04:08 08 Mar 22
Thank goodness for welink it faster, more reliable and great for gaming! Hard to believe that it’s only $70! What company gives people 30 days to try... out internet for free… after the 30 day trial I couldn’t wait to cancel Cox! Pete was amazing and very helpful through the whole process!read more
Tori M.
04:00 08 Mar 22
Way better then cox. Pete was awesome
Michael L.
17:24 04 Mar 22
WeLink is a phenomenal solution to our internet problem here in Vegas. Cox/CenturyLink have owned the monopoly for many years and continue to raise... prices, but not improve service. Data caps, high price for low speeds, outages...I could go on and on. I work in IT so a fast, reliable connection is important to me. Since day 1 WeLink has been great - I receive great speeds in both upload and download. Not only that, the latency is much better which is noticeable on every device no matter what you're connecting to. Through wind, heat, and rain the connection has been rock solid. If they do need to do maintenance, they schedule it for late at night or early in the morning to reduce the impact it has. Even more, they also give you WiFi 6 routers so you can take advantage of the full speeds over WiFi on newer devices. Shout out to Trevor on the sales team for helping get WeLink to my neighborhood. WeLink has my business indefinitely!read more
Ana O.
20:40 24 Feb 22
I switched from century link I was super hesitant but I’m glad I did welink has a great customer serviceAnd the internet is faster than anything in... the areaIt was worth the waitread more
Keith W.
20:34 24 Feb 22
Cox doesn’t serve our Neighborhood and CenturyLink wouldn’t repair damaged lines, so I was stuck in 2021 with Dial-Up speeds. Along came WeLink! ... We now have reliable and FAST service for a percentage of what I used to more
Garrett M.
05:36 24 Feb 22
Have had them for over 2 years. Amazing service and customer service. Happy, we made the switch!
Paul U.
23:40 23 Feb 22
We love our WeLink service.. as a seed home it’s amazing, the staff have been fabulous to work with Cory and Daniel are top notch, customer service... driven and super accommodating, the techs have been very informative and courteous… as with any build, we had a couple fixes in the physical setup.. but all that was squared away in the first month.. if they need to adjust anything they call or text..even in the am hours when they are performing updates, they will let you know.. wired I get 900+ up and down. Wireless with eero ( great routers) depending on device , newer will be faster, averages 200-300 down and 400-500 up So zero complaints on our end. Go WeLink. I would highly recommend … 5 stars
Paul Green Valley North Henderson NV
read more
Kevin Schwallie [Silverado H.
21:26 23 Feb 22
When approached with the deal to get WeLink I was initially sceptical, but the offer of $60 for 5 years of internet to be a "seed house" seemed to be... worth the risk.I took the risk. It did take a few months longer than anticipated, but in the end my internet is anywhere between 5 and 10 times as fast as my Cox internet was. I'm getting 400-900 mbps download and upload speed.I'd recommend this company even for $70 a more
Blackpill S.
00:39 23 Feb 22
Best Customer from Conner Mecham! Great guy all around! Listen and found a Solution
nasser B.
19:37 16 Feb 22
I had the pleasure to meet with Derrin the Welink tech assigned to my home today and honestly, he was excellent techhe did his job completely and... perfectly and he fix some problems and established another connection with the neighborhood so my network functionality is better . he’s very courteous , polite and very professional as he spent a good deal of time and effort in my home to finish the job .I really appreciate everything he did and I want to thank him for the exceptional level of service he provided for my homeread more
Jacob Cameron (.
04:48 12 Feb 22
Postboi G.
23:12 08 Feb 22
Before welink I was using cox I have 4 different consoles and 3 streaming TVs we wouldn’t be on all at the same time but Youssef hannon with welink... really explained thoroughly and precisely and allow me to make the right decision I tried it out for 30 days and it was so much better than Cox I was able to stream and download at the same time if it wasn’t for that cool cat stopping by and being the amazing sales person he is I wouldn’t have ever heard of you guys 10/10 for the salesman and wifiread more
Jacob and Michelle S.
17:31 08 Feb 22
Jessica M.
01:34 29 Jan 22
As a Love, Relationship and Dating Strategist, reliable and FAST internet connection is very important to me since I coach clients from home using... zoom a lot, plus uploading training videos online. I LOVE WeLink Communications. This company knock my socks off, not only they are 10x faster than cox, very stable and 3 times cheaper than I used to pay cox. I am very happy about their service. Great company and great vision that they have. Highly recommend. Say YES to the sales rep for no risk 30 day free trial if you are lucky that they are knocking at your door!read more
Martin S.
17:47 14 Jan 22
I don't often go for the door to door pitch but when Welink showed up and claimed they could beat one of the few and biggest ISPs in Vegas I was... skeptical. As someone who works in IT and believes the internet should be accessible and affordable for everyone I wanted to see what Welink could do for me. The techs were very nice and knowledgeable. The free setup and the routers they provided have been working fantastic. In my 3 months of having service I have only ever been hard down for an hour 1 day. Support was very polite and I could tell they are on top of outages. I even got a credit on my account for it which was great. I was one of the first in my area to get the service and my speeds have been getting better month over month. My old ISP can't even come close to beating the price and when I left they told me that they always come back. I am happy to say that does not look like it will be happening as long as I am with Welink. When I first looked up Welink the reviews were part of my research. If you are chained to that terrible other business I highly recommend you give Welink a more
Nasser H.
22:39 09 Jan 22
700Mbps down and 700Mbps up for $70 a month. I've been using it for a month now and it's awesome. I canceled my Cox service that I've had for over 20... years. My only criticism is that it takes 3 different installers 3 days to install the service. It took like a month and a half from start to finish. This could definitely be improved upon.Pros:SpeedLatencyPricegreat consumer grade mesh wifi system for the homeCons:Installing the service could be fasterCarrier Grade NAT (CGN or CGNAT) Not really an issue for most users. Power users that want to use port forwarding can request a publicly routable static IP more
Glenn W.
14:39 03 Jan 22
READ THIS INFLUENCER REVIEW FIRST4 years with Cox and prior years with CenturyLink made me DREAM of a day when new tech & company mindset would free... me from constant price increases, frequent service outages and streaming buffering.WELINK IS HEAVEN and I say this based on decades of tech skills and:1. No modem to rent or buy! Connect 1 Ethernet cable from a little box that Welink installs for free.2. FREE routers. Welink gives you Eero 6 Pro Mesh Routers which can cover a 2000sf home and control up to 100 WiFi devices. I currently have 72 connected 24/7 plus 6 more part-time.3. Speed. Download over 600Mbps average, upload same. Good-bye buffering.4. 2 YEAR $70/mo FIXED PRICE and it goes DOWN after that.5. Battery backups included (automatic ON during a power outage).BOTTOM LINE: When Welink contacts you offering new service in your area, just say YES PLEASE!read more
Trevor W.
14:25 05 Nov 21
Kenn L.
15:34 12 Sep 21
Had it for 2 weeks and cancelled Cox. Speeds have been consistently higher than Cox by a long shot. So nice to have a better option now.
Evan L.
01:55 14 Jan 20
514 Mbps Download, 206 Mbps Upload. $65 a month. Enough said. You WILL not beat that anywhere else. I am in shock and so glad I got out of my Cox... contract paying $60 more a month for slower more
Courtney K.
18:46 18 Oct 19
WeLink has been amazing! Incredibly fast speeds, reliable and so much more affordable than our previous provider. I teach English online to children... and needed it to stay reliable and fast! So grateful we made the switch!read more
JohnStacey S.
01:15 18 Oct 19
love the fast speeds...get them if they knock your door
Kyle S.
22:34 17 Oct 19
We made the switch from Cox about three months ago. We’ve discontinued all services with them as we never had really good connections.

WeLink... has been amazing. We’re always connected and do not lose our connection when we’ve got about 10 devices at once going. Couple of gamers don’t have to wait for downloads to complete and can work all day with out interruptions from dropping connection.

Parental controls are amazing as well. Can set child devices on a schedule to limit their usage.
read more
Mudd P.
04:26 17 Oct 19
Best internet ever!! So fast and customer service is awesome �
Kimberley Berry S.
02:42 17 Oct 19
I love the fast speeds, the GREAT customer service, and monthly rate!!! Like night and day from our former internet service!!!
Julie A.
01:45 17 Oct 19
great people and great service. I love the pods for the wifi and the app for it is great.
Dave L.
19:18 16 Oct 19
I changed from Cox Internet to WeLink, saved about $20+ per month and have faster internet speeds. Only problem I've had so far has been that one of... the Routers goes off line occasionally and has to be rebooted. I only notice there is a problem when I try getting into Netflix on my TV. PC's don't seem to be affected when one of the Routers is more
Willy F C.
02:09 16 Oct 19
Download of more than 400
Upload of more than 200
Paul R.
00:46 16 Oct 19
I absolutely love WeLink! I tripled my internet speed and lowered my monthly bill by $30. Great customer services too.
Randall L.
22:28 15 Oct 19
WeLink internet blows me away! The connection speed leaves my old cable internet in the dust and costs less. And because its not a special rate that... ends in a year or two the price won't be going up. The installation takes a little longer to complete, but it is worth it, so be patient. With my old cable internet I was getting dropped connections and disconnect from online game servers, but not since I got WeLink. The internet connection is solid. The speed and connection has been so awesome, we kicked CATV service to the curb. We stream all our TV now and receive all the channels we watched with cable. And even the picture quality looks better than cable TV. I can hardly believe how great a decision switching to WeLink internet has been. Thank you WeLink for a better internet more
Terry Lynn N.
03:47 14 Oct 19
Had the service for over 45 days. it has been great. saving about $65 a month with no issues .
Wayne S.
21:35 13 Oct 19
the service, the speed, the price!!!
Stephanie Foster J.
21:05 12 Oct 19
less expense easy to use.
Kurt D.
14:32 12 Oct 19
Fastest thing out there the don’t disappoint
Dana D.
22:29 11 Oct 19
It is great to turn the computer on and no waiting, it is there. Downloading movies is done, no buffering!
Aaron T.
17:27 11 Oct 19
Great company, great service, great price, and great speed! Not looking back!
MaryAnn T.
01:53 11 Oct 19
WeLink is lightning fast wireless fiber. I have been using it for about 2 months without any buffering or issues. I have connected 8 streaming... devices at one time without a problem. I highly recommend this more
Ashley D.
23:18 10 Oct 19
Service has been great! It’s been reliable and affordable!
Ernest B.
18:08 09 Oct 19
I live in Henderson Nevada I had WELINK installed.The price is fantastic the speed is incredible I’m downloading at 500 Mbs and uploading at 200 Mbs...
across 15 devices with no problems
I recommend WELINK to anyone using Wi-Fi
read more
Ronald M.
17:56 09 Oct 19
We switched to WeLink because of their speed (400Mb download and 200Mb upload) and also because they are significantly less expensive than Cox... Gigablast. We have had their service for about 3 months now and have had zero down time because of maintenance issues. We couldn't be more happy with the service and highly recommend their service!read more
Jennifer S.
08:42 09 Oct 19
Great internet service
Fast download speed
No data overage charges and
No buffering love it!!!
David A. G.
16:49 08 Oct 19
Best internet we have ever had! Fast and no problems as of now
Greg G.
16:29 08 Oct 19
I have been searching for years to an alternative to Cox as an ISP since their service is so horrible. I had We-Link installed at my house and have... been extremely happy with the support and the performance. I was concerned about service interruptions during storms but we had a bad rainstorm and my kids were able to keep playing their games online with zero issues! Was never happier when I got to call and cancel Cox!read more
Brent B.
23:14 07 Oct 19
Best internet I've ever had, and when I call customer service I get a real person quickly and they are always so friendly. plus the price is... more
Heather B.
22:21 07 Oct 19
Fastest internet I've had in a long time and I'm so glad to be done with the "other guys". I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop because this... is truly a "too good to be true" service. Can't beat the speeds or the price! Our streaming has never been easier since we cut the cable cord and strictly use streaming more
Eric J.
21:54 07 Oct 19
Pretty fast service in the Las Vegas area and a great price. No data caps also make my life stress free

WeLink In The News

“For the vast majority of American homes, there’s no choice of how customers get their internet access. It seems obvious the market needs more choice and competition”

You have questions. We Have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently accepting new customers in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada, as well as Phoenix and Tucson and select areas in Arizona. We’ve had a HUGE response from everyone, so it won’t be long before our Wireless Fiber is available in your area.

Lightning-fast! WeLink’s groundbreaking technology is capable of Gigabit speeds.

That’s a great question internet freedom seeker! There is a website that will tell you exactly what your internet speed is. Go to When you see a circle that says, “Go,” click on “Go.” Give it a few minutes, and this website will provide you with both your download and upload internet speed.
No, but we’d be happy to recommend a few options like YouTube TV and Ooma. More often than not, you can replace expensive cable and landline bills by switching to a VOIP phone line and tv streaming services.

Yes. Whether you own your home or not, you could be eligible to receive WeLink internet services. The best way to find out if your place qualifies is to speak with a WeLink Pro in person or over the phone.

​Hang on to your hat, here comes another revolutionary concept: As a courtesy to our valued customers, we almost always waive the installation fee.

Our revolutionary technology uses equipment that is much smaller than a satellite dish. The equipment is approximately 4 inches by 4 inches and is placed on the roof of your home.

Yes, home internet plans from WeLink come with unlimited data, so you can do more online without worrying about data caps. With WeLink internet at your place, you get a blazing fast, unlimited, and totally awesome internet connection.

Standard equipment includes one or more network receivers, one or more WiFi routers, one high-speed modem, and may include one backup broadband power system device.

Sure, but we don’t think you’ll want to. The WiFi setup included with your plan will give you the best experience, and using WeLink WiFi will keep your network super fast and ultra-secure. 

Questions? Ask a WeLink Pro

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