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Internet for the people. By the People.

Internet for the people.

By the people.

About WeLink

The internet has become the backbone for everything we do. Our productivity, entertainment, education, work, and even our appliances rely on a quality connection to a high-speed internet service.

Just like you, we’ve experienced spotty, slow, overpriced internet service. Service provided by big internet companies that offer poor customer service and only care about their bottom line. With little to no choice for a better internet provider, we thought to ourselves, “there has to be a better way.”

With WeLink, we’re creating a new wave of internet service. A service that delivers consistently fast speeds, better WiFi, straightforward pricing, and quality customer service. With our Wireless Fiber technology, we’re taking power out of the hands of big internet monopolies and bringing it to you and your neighbors.

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Our Mission.

Empower others with internet freedom.

Our mission is to provide low-cost, environmentally conscious internet that improves our customers’ lives and empowers them with internet freedom.

Liberated Pricing

Just because your internet is fast, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. We believe in providing lightning-fast internet at a disruptive price point without any of the lame hidden fees or inflating rates.

Revolutionary Speed

The world would be a better place if everyone had access to high-speed internet. That’s why we obsess over things like redundancies, security, and download/upload speed.

Consumer Friendly

Our infrastructure isn’t built and owned by shareholders or a giant bank… it’s built and built by our customers! Because of this, we have a genuine interest in keeping customers happy and satisfied with their service.

Environmentally Conscious

We are an “Alternate 5G” network. While we have the same gigabit performance, we operate at 10,000 times less power than standard mmWave 5G Radios.

WeLink In The News

“For the vast majority of American homes, there’s no choice of how customers get their internet access. It seems obvious the market needs more choice and competition"

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