Essential Streaming Devices to Replace Your Cable TV Box

We’ve covered the essential cord-cutting services, but what about streaming devices? With so many services to pick from, it can be hard to find the right device. Here are the top five streaming devices guaranteed to connect you to the entertainment you love.

1. Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku’s been a top contender since the beginning of the streaming age, and for good reason. Roku basically dominates the simplicity and ease of use category. And since Roku now supports HBO Max, Peacock, and Apple Airplay, it’s a great option for pretty much everybody.

Sure, some of the features like voice search are much weaker compared to Amazon and Google devices, but Roku is consistently making updates to their software and have so far kept up with the constant changes in the streaming world while maintaining their reasonable price.

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2. Chromecast with Google TV

Google has done such a great job with their streaming stick that it almost makes our number one spot, if it weren’t for its current inability to stream Disney+. And while you have the option to connect your mobile device to Chromecast and stream to your TV that way, it’s still an extra step that other streaming devices don’t require for the Disney app. 

As for its overall viewing experience? Fantastic. Chromecast’s Google TV software lays out your content options clearly and makes it easy to pick and choose from your connected streaming apps. We also love the Watchlist, which is specifically curated for you based on shows you’ve previously watched.

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3. Apple TV 4K

It’s no surprise that the Apple TV is priced well above its competitors, but there are a few excellent qualities that make it worth the extra cash for many users. As is consistent with Apple products, the interface is amazingly seamless. Not only does it support all streaming devices, it also supports high-definition picture and sound (like Dolby Vision, Atmos, and 4K). 

Apple TV integrates nicely with other Apple products including HomePods and Airpods, which is a nice bonus. While it may not be for everyone, Apple TV is a fantastic addition for those invested in the Apple ecosystem.

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4. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Don’t be fooled by Amazon Fire TV’s low price, this device is reliable and has a ton of great features. Much like the Chromecast, the Fire TV home screen provides an entire streaming experience that feels seamless and user-friendly. (Plus, there’s just something pleasant about being able to ask “Alexa” to play your TV shows.) 

Fire TV currently does not support Peacock or Vudu, which is a bummer, but will hopefully have that option down the road. If you love Amazon Prime Video content, you won’t mind that the Fire TV tends to promote it over other services, but if you prefer Netflix or Hulu, you may be turned off by this feature. Overall though, the Amazon Fire TV is a winner.

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5. Best Gaming Console for Streaming: Xbox Series X or PS5

If you’re looking for a streaming device and also want to upgrade to a new gaming console, good news — you might be able to hit two birds with one stone. 

The Xbox Series X offers 8K HDR resolution, blu-ray, and DVD capabilities, dozens of entertainment apps, and more. The only service it currently does not support is Peacock. And if that’s a dealbreaker, consider the Playstation 5, which offers almost the exact same features but includes Peacock. (Although it does not currently support YouTube TV, so it’s a slight trade-off.)

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And there you have it. With one of these streaming devices and an unstoppable internet connection, cutting ties with cable TV will be a breeze. 

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