6 Spotify Playlists You’ll Want on Repeat

It’s an exciting and confusing time for music lovers. Streaming services like Spotify are replacing radio stations, our CD collections are in the closet gathering dust, and for some reason, vinyl records are cool again.

Spotify deserves an award for being such a reliable and speedy little pocket DJ, finding just about any song or artist we request in five seconds or less, but when it comes to playlists, sometimes its massive library can get a little too overwhelming. That’s where we come in. If you’re looking to find new music in an easy-to-reach place, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best playlists on Spotify right now:

1. Positive Vibes Only

Along with a myriad of other health benefits, research shows that listening to music improves our mental well-being.1 Try this chill, get-a-blanket-and-head-outside playlist when you need a mood boost.

2. Voices of the Future

Are you an early adapter that loves finding new up-and-coming artists? You’ll want to check out GQ’s “Voices of the Future” playlist, complete with music’s newest megastars.

3. Love Songs that Don’t Suck

Not sure what’s in the coffee over there at GQ Magazine, but they did it again with this playlist — finally a love song mix that isn’t just Ed Sheeran.

4. For the Audiophiles

Music purists will love this Bang & Olufsen playlist, filled with high-quality songs (think Moby, MJ, Queen) geared to tickle your ear holes.

5. Push Play and Get it Done

Do you like listening to music while you study or work? You’ll love this laid-back concentration playlist, and the best part is, unlike other concentration music, it won’t put you to sleep.

6. Save it for a Rainy Day

Spotify nailed it. Their Rainy Day playlist features all the songs we want to hear while we sip Earl Grey tea and stare longingly out the window.

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Did any of these playlists stand out to you? If you need faster internet speeds to support your music listening, reach out to us. We’ll help you out.

Sources: 1. https://liveforlivemusic.com/features/10-positive-benefits-of-listening-to-music-according-to-science/

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