WeLink and eero Unlock the Connected Home

WeLink teams up with eero an Amazon company

WeLink and eero are Teaming up to Deliver Next-gen Wireless Broadband and Whole-home Connectivity to Homes Around the Country

News Highlights:

  • WeLink and eero give people a whole new way to connect using wireless-fiber, 5G mmWave technology with tri-band Wi-Fi® 6.
  • eero Pro 6 and WeLink wireless technology unlock the connected home with intelligent traffic routing, support for 75+ devices, and Amazon frustration-free setup and built-in Zigbee smart home hub when linked to an Amazon account.
  • WeLink and eero wireless technologies combine affordable, high-speed broadband access with whole-home wifi connectivity.

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September 23, 2021WeLink, a rapidly-growing, next-generation broadband provider, announced a new collaboration with eero, an Amazon company, today. Together, WeLink and eero are poised to meet the demand for high-speed internet through expanded broadband access and whole-home connectivity. WeLink leverages patented, 5G mmWave technology and vertically-integrated services to extend wireless-fiber broadband to homes. eero Pro 6, powered by WeLink, unlocks the connected home with the power of tri-band Wi-Fi® 6 and eero’s intelligent-mesh wifi technology. eero Secure provides content filter settings, insights, and advanced online security.

“WeLink is dedicated to bridging the digital divide and expanding fair and open internet access to people across America. Our unique, fixed-wireless broadband solution combined with eero Pro 6 provides homeowners with a better choice when it comes to their home internet,” said Kevin Ross, CEO of WeLink. “We’re living through a completely unprecedented era in whole-home connectivity, with more people streaming, video conferencing, doing work from home, and attending school remotely than ever before. That’s why WeLink is teaming with eero and combining advanced wireless access with whole-home connectivity.”

WeLink develops high-speed, wireless broadband that extends the reach of fiber to homes. Using the latest advances in 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology, 802.11ay silicon, and modern network routing approaches such as Open/R, WeLink can deliver fast and affordable internet that has not been achievable using legacy wireless solutions. This mmWave network architecture relies on intelligent mesh routing. Each customer node acts as a relay and an access node, amplifying the network footprint with very few fiber points of presence (PoPs) required. As a result, WeLink wireless technology is ten times faster to deploy and less expensive than traditional fiber, providing affordable, high-speed broadband access for homes.

eero Pro 6 complements WeLink wireless technology with the power of Wi-Fi® 6 to enhance whole-home connectivity. As the fastest, most powerful eero router to date, eero Pro 6 uses an intelligent, mesh-wifi system that amplifies wireless connectivity throughout the home. Where traditional wifi systems use boosters to amplify a signal, eero Pro 6 devices are placed around the home and work together to create a unified, wide-ranging signal to help reduce dead zones. Users can link their Amazon account to enable Amazon Frustration-Free Setup and Zigbee smart home hub, making it easy to connect and control compatible Zigbee devices across the home. All of this helps enhance network capacity and efficiency beyond traditional routers and Wi-Fi 5 technology, enabling consumers to connect more than 75 different devices while covering up to 2,000 square feet.

Solution Offering and Pricing Details

eero Pro 6 and eero Secure combined with WeLink wireless technology provide users speed, security, and control consumers demand inside their connected homes, without traditional fiber infrastructure. Each WeLink subscriber receives two eero Pro 6 router devices with their subscription, as well as in-home delivery, installation, and setup with no upfront cost. WeLink subscribers can add another eero Pro 6 for an additional 2,000 square feet of coverage, for only $99 (a $599 total retail value for three total devices). People also benefit from having a 30-day free trial period with their WeLink subscription that comes with no obligations, penalties, or cancellation fees. In addition, every WeLink subscriber will receive eero Secure with their subscription, giving homeowners advanced online security at no additional cost (a $2.99 per month value).

About WeLink

WeLink is a new-age service provider dedicated to democratizing the internet and connecting people. Our all-new, wireless-fiber technology is faster, safer, noninvasive, and more cost-effective to deploy than traditional fiber, making it an ideal solution for nearly every home. Founded in 2018 by wireless veterans, WeLink is led by Kevin Ross, former co-founder of Vivint Wireless. In January 2021, WeLink announced a $185 million investment from Digital Alpha Advisors and a strategic partnership with Cisco Systems.

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Eric Barrett — Head of PR & Marketing


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