WeLink Founder Shares Keys to Success

WeLink Founder, Kevin Ross, shares keys to success

Visionary CEO talks about his journey as an entrepreneur.

Kevin Ross is the founder, chairman, and CEO of WeLink Communications Inc. During an exclusive interview with The Tech Tribune, Ross shares his experience in achieving success as an aspiring entrepreneur. His inspiration began when selling broadband internet door to door. Kevin wanted to bring cost-effective, high-end broadband services to local neighborhoods of all income levels, rather than being limited to a single, dominant broadband provider. This led to the founding of WeLink in 2018. When asked about the biggest hurdle he encountered on his journey, Ross states “I spent most of my time convincing people to believe in the tech so they would focus on building products and semiconductors we needed for WeLink’s disruptive, next-generation fixed wireless broadband.” Once people started believing in the technology, Kevin convinced investors of his new approach and gained traction for the business.

What does this mean for aspiring entrepreneurs? When asked this question, Kevin says: “My single biggest advice is if your primary motivation is personal financial gain, then you’re fundamentally starting from the wrong spot. Being an entrepreneur is very difficult, and it doesn’t matter how much funding you have, how good your team is, or how good your ideas are – you’re going to run into significant challenges.” He goes on to underline the importance of being passionate about your business. “Do something that creates value for the community and where there’s a larger sense of purpose. Consider what you’re doing, how it matters, and how it will impact people’s lives.”

Continue reading The Tech Tribune’s full Q&A with Kevin Ross here.

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