Chief Innovation Officer of WeLink Discusses Digital Divide, Offers Partnership with Cities

John Paul Farmer speaks on affordable network expansion and WeLink Cities Challenge during Light Reading’s The Divide podcast

The “digital divide” is a common but complex problem that is most simply defined as the gap between those who have access to computers and the internet, and those who do not. In a recent episode of Light Reading’s The Divide podcast, John Paul Farmer, Chief Innovation Officer at WeLink Cities, speaks about the digital divide and how WeLink is working to bring gigabit-speed internet to areas where internet connectivity is not readily accessible. “What’s so exciting about WeLink’s approach to wireless is that it’s creating a dense mesh that is quick to deploy, has all the advantages of fixed-wireless, [and is] radically lower in cost than laying down fiber and digging up streets.”

John Paul Farmer also speaks about the WeLink Cities Challenge, a $100 million effort that presents local U.S. governments with an open call to invest in and partner with WeLink to help close the digital divide. WeLink partnered with Washington D.C. most recently, and is continually working to expand and partner with more cities to deploy a reliable broadband network in a cost-effective and accessible way. Farmer explains that bridging the divide for those without high-speed internet is critical for children studying in schools, people working remotely from home or who rely on a stable network connection to do their jobs, and seniors receiving healthcare through telemedicine. “No one sector has all the solutions,” he explains. “That’s where I think WeLink and our wireless approach is just a critical piece of the puzzle.”

Be sure to check out the full The Divide podcast below for more info on how WeLink is working to stay on top of the competition and arrive in your city.

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