WeLink Delivers Gigabit Internet to Washington D.C. Households at No Cost to D.C. Residents.

WeLink and Washington, D.C. Launch the First-Ever Community Internet Program Broadband Network in Just 30 days, Bringing Free Gigabit Internet to Low-income D.C. Communities

LEHI, Utah, June 29, 2022 – WeLink, a next-generation fixed wireless broadband provider, today announced the first phase of its network rollout to Washington D.C. is complete as select households now have access to gigabit internet service at no cost to them. Beginning in Ward 5, the first phase of network rollout was completed in just 30 days and marked a milestone achievement in a joint effort to close the digital divide across the nation’s capital. Through the Community Internet Program, WeLink and Washington D.C. will provide affordable, high-speed internet access to thousands of households in need by the end of the year.

As the first participating broadband provider in the Community Internet Program, WeLink high-speed internet in Washington D.C. builds on Mayor Muriel Bowser’s commitment to give every resident a fair shot. The Program provides open access to public infrastructure to any broadband provider willing to provide affordable internet access to D.C. residents with download and upload speeds of at least 200 Mbps.

WeLink Cities Digital Equity Program is a private-public partnership that offers next-generation technology to help cities close the digital divide and bring affordable, high-speed internet to households in need. With public-infrastructure access, WeLink wireless technology is faster to deploy and less expensive than traditional in-ground fiber. Through the collaboration, WeLink and Washington D.C. completed the first phase of broadband internet rollout in just 30 days, bringing gigabit internet to D.C. households at no cost to residents for the very first time.

“WeLink’s groundbreaking wireless technology and this new partnership with Mayor Bowser mean that Washingtonians now have affordable gigabit-speed internet,” said John Paul Farmer, president of WeLink Cities and former chief technology officer of New York City. “With public infrastructure access provided through the Community Internet Program, WeLink has delivered ultrafast internet to families in the Trinidad neighborhood in a record 30 days. Families will no longer go without broadband because they can’t afford it, and they can now get the high-speed in-home connectivity they need for school, work, and to stay connected with loved ones. WeLink is thrilled to partner with Washington, D.C. to provide no-cost broadband to the people of Washington, D.C. – starting in Ward 5 now and expanding to other neighborhoods in the near future.”

John Paul Farmer, president of WeLink Cities

“We are thus far extremely satisfied with our WeLink experience,” said Ward 5 residents Lane and Anna Lofton, “their staff was top-notch, and best of all, the speeds are the fastest we’ve ever experienced in our home. This is an extraordinary opportunity for D.C. residents and we would encourage anyone with access to take advantage.”

Lane and Anna Lofton Ward 5 residents

Today, nearly a quarter of Americans lack a broadband connection at home and financial constraints are a major reason they forgo this essential service. Across major American cities, millions of households often go without broadband, and millions more pay prices they cannot afford for merely adequate service. This digital divide exacerbates many challenges for lower-income communities and communities of color.

As WeLink extends coverage to households across the District, the company will offer symmetric gigabit download and upload speeds with pricing as low as $0 per month for eligible households. Every WeLink subscription also includes unlimited data, professional installation and setup at no cost, and whole-home WiFi.

Washington D.C. residents can join the waitlist to be first in line to receive service by visiting welink.com/washington-dc.

About WeLink 

WeLink is a next-generation wireless broadband technology and internet service provider bringing ultra-fast and ultra-affordable home internet to communities that have been overlooked for far too long. The company’s groundbreaking wireless-fiber technology is faster to deploy and more cost-effective than traditional fiber, making it an ideal solution for nearly every community, especially densely populated urban areas where broadband has been unreliable or completely unavailable. The same innovation that goes into our products applies to how we do business — strengthening our commitment to leave each community better than we found it.

Founded in 2018 by wireless industry veterans, WeLink is led by Kevin Ross, the former co-founder of Vivint Wireless. WeLink Cities is a new branch focusing on unlocking social impact and building on new federal broadband programs and local partnerships to close the digital divide in underserved urban communities. WeLink Cities is led by John Paul Farmer, the former Chief Technology Officer of New York City and senior technology advisor in the Obama White House. WeLink is backed by Digital Alpha and has a strategic partnership with Cisco Systems.

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