WeLink Participates in the City of L.A.’s Second Annual Smart City Showcase

Los Angeles City skyline at sunset

WeLink and others set up promotional booths and discuss how Los Angeles is using technology to future-proof the city

Los Angeles, California is continually increasing in both population density and technological advancement. As such, the city is furthering the digital push by implementing new forms of breakthrough technology for the benefit of its residents and the continued modernization of the city. According to Ted Ross, Chief Information Officer of Los Angeles, the city is at least 10 times technologically smarter than it was in the year 2005, with advancements being made every day. The City of L.A.’s annual Smart City Showcase allows both the city departments and major tech industries to display, demonstrate, and discuss their latest technology. This year’s event covered a wide range of technology in the form of enhanced parking and traffic services, emerging technologies that advance everyday city operations, and the latest in connectivity and internet access. Leaders from various tech and telecom organizations, including WeLink founder and CEO Kevin Ross, showcased their newest hardware and participated in panel discussions for the city staffers, elected officials, and representatives of municipalities for Los Angeles. WeLink’s information booth was set up in the City Hall Forecourt among other tech enthusiasts, where event attendees could gather information from and discuss future plans about the continued advancement of the city.

During the event, members of the city’s Telecommunications and Digital Equity Forum highlighted additional technology solutions that addressed public safety, contactless services, COVID recovery, city infrastructure, smart parking, and digital inclusion efforts to support businesses, students, and seniors.

Check out the LA Mayor website here for more information on Los Angeles’ Smart Cities Showcase and to see the highlights and recap of last year’s event.

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