Forbes on the ACP, WeLink Founder Kevin Ross Continues Efforts to Close the Digital Divide

Solutions for Greater Digital Equity in America

42 million people in the United States lack access to broadband internet, and an additional 47 million people only have access to one internet service provider. The gap between those who have access to computers and the internet and those who do not is known as the “digital divide.” WeLink continues the concentrated effort to close this gap by bringing affordable, high-speed internet to communities where internet connectivity is not readily accessible. With the recent announcement and implementation of the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), high-speed broadband from WeLink and other internet providers is now more accessible than ever.

A recent article from Forbes describes the digital divide in-depth, and how new technology pioneers like WeLink’s own Kevin Ross plan on creating better internet solutions with help from the ACP. “[mmWave] is an excellent option for city centers and suburbs because it cuts deployment times down to weeks or months—as opposed to years as is the case with deploying fiber optic cable,” Forbes explains.

In May 2022, WeLink Cities announced a collaboration with government officials in Washington D.C. to bring our ultrafast, fiber-like speeds to neighborhoods in the area. The implementation of the ACP means the ability to serve even more communities, with internet costs as low as $0 per month with select WeLink plans. “Like many other aspects of American life, when the public and private sectors work in harmony then big change is possible. The ACP is exciting, and there is already a growing number of communities benefiting from these new technologies.”

Bridging the divide for those without high-speed internet is critical for students, people who rely on a stable network connection for work, and seniors receiving healthcare through telemedicine. In collaboration with the ACP, we are able to provide people with a solution to their connectivity needs in an affordable and effective way.

Check out this article for more information about the digital divide and how WeLink is furthering the effort to improve digital equity in local communities.

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